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Our repairs are the perfect first step to new, beautiful walls in your home.

Flawless Plaster and Drywall Repair

Look behind every good paint job in Warrnesburg and you'll find excellent drywall preparation. While many people think that painting is all about just rolling and brushing a new coat on, the experts at Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes understand that drywall and plaster work is the veritable linchpin for all quality painting execution.

Try painting on damaged drywall and you'll quickly see why our Warrnesburg plaster services are in demand. Even the highest quality paints will crack and peel, thus costing you more money in materials without delivering the kind of look you want. A Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes drywall specialist will fill holes, cover stress fractures, and make sure your ceiling is in the right state to receive new paint.

When needed, we can also perform larger drywall and plaster services in Warrnesburg. Whether you’re renovating a turn of the century mansion or just making small repairs to a modern apartment, our plaster and drywall repair services truly fit the bill and our expert technicians will get the job done promptly and professionally.

For impeccable plaster and drywall work in Warrnesburg that will make your new painting look its best, call Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes at 660-885-1313.

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We're local to Warrnesburg, but Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes is also available for painting work in the surrounding area as well.


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