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Professional Cabinet Refinishing

As your Warrnesburg kitchen and bathroom cabinets age, you’ve probably noticed scuffs, chipped paint, and other blemishes start to become more common. When you’re ready for an upgrade, Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes is here to help. We offer superior cabinet refinishing services at affordable prices to bring cabinets back from the brink.

While many property owners in Warrnesburg choose to simply replace tired, worn-out cabinets, the truth is that refinishing is often a better option. Our cabinet refinishing service starts with a complete stripping process of any old paint to create a blank slate. From there, we’ll apply the exact stain, paint, or textured appearance you want and finish the job with new hinges and pulls.

The Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes cabinet refinishing advantage is not only our experience and ability, but also the vast selection we offer. From paints and stains of nearly any color to a seemingly infinite range of cabinet hardware, our Warrnesburg clients are often impressed with our level of choice. We want you to be happy with your cabinets and that starts with making sure we can deliver your desired look.

Before you price out new cabinets in Warrnesburg, consider a cabinet refinishing job by Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes. We’re the best in the business and ready to take your call at 660-885-1313.

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We're local to Warrnesburg, but Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes is also available for painting work in the surrounding area as well.


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