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Every home in Warrnesburg needs kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that they all need to look the same. Regardless of whether you’ve ordered bespoke cabinetry or are buying off the shelf, Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes can take your cabinets to the next level with our impressive cabinet painting service.

Unlike other painters that simply slap on a coat of stain or paint, Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes looks first at your kitchen or bathroom design and comes up with a number of potential options for a luxurious cabinet look, ranging from textured finishes that complement matte walls or glossy, satin paints that are a perfect fit for upscale granite countertops.

Whatever cabinet painting finish you choose for your Warrnesburg property, you can count on Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes to deliver the highest level of quality every time. We’ll do immaculate surface preparation, use only top level products, and add a layer of protection to ensure your cabinets stand up to heavy wear and tear.

At Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes, we do more than run of the mill cabinet painting in Warrnesburg - we elevate it to an art form. Call us at 660-885-1313 and let’s talk about how we can help.

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We're local to Warrnesburg, but Harvey Brockman Decorative Finishes is also available for painting work in the surrounding area as well.


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